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All Extensions Bundle

Buy all of our current extensions and our future commercial extensions at once for just $200, get lifetime update and support, no future additional payments.

We will get the following subscriptions when purchasing this bundle:

ExtensionsSubscription lengthOriginal value
CMGroupBuying Lifetime $300
CMDealAggregator Lifetime $250
CMCouponListing Lifetime $50
CMLiveDeal Lifetime $50
CMGiftCard Lifetime $30
CMK2Inline Lifetime $15
CMShortURL Lifetime $20
CMMegaMenu Lifetime $10
CMSnipcart Lifetime $30
CMShoprocket Lifetime $30
CMK2PDF Lifetime $10
CMK2StepByStep Lifetime $20
All future commercial extensions Lifetime >$50
  Total value: >$815
  You save: >$615

 If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us.

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