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CMExtension would like to announce the availability of our new component - CM Mobile.

While working for the mobile applications of CM Live Deal, we realized that there were many tasks that we would need to do the same in many mobile applications: register new account, login, logout, connect to Facebook or Google, etc... If we implemented these features to CM Live Deal, we would need to add them again to our future intergations and extensions (for example CM Group Buying), then we would have the same code in many extensions, this would be difficult to fix bugs or add new features.

Those are the reasons we decided to build CM Mobile, it handles to common tasks to connect mobile application and Joomla!, it also includes the functions to get the data from the supported components and return to mobile application.

At the present time CM Mobile is in alpha state for testing, it supports 2 components: Users and CM Live Deal. Users component is the default component in Joomla!, intergrating with this component, CM Mobile provides ability for registration and login/logout.

In the future, we will add new components to CM Mobile, not only our components, but also other third party components which don't have ability to connect to mobile application.

If you are going to use CM Live Deal mobile applications, then CM Mobile will be the component you need to install an use.

CM Mobile is free, you can get the source code and download the installable package at Github: You can find the documentation at

 If you have any questions for CM Mobile, please feel free to contact us.