Dear CMDealAggregator users,

Today we received an email from Groupon for an update in their API: the XML version is deprecated. Here is the content of the mail:


We wanted to let you know that as of October 1st the XML version of our V2 deals API was deprecated and will no longer be supported.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you are using this API (you can tell if you start receiving error message 415) you can switch all of your calls to use the .json endpoint for uninterrupted service as it will still be supported (please see example below). If you anticipate these changes to negatively affect or impact your internal processes please reach out and we’ll assist you as much as possible.

Example XML call (deprecated):

Example .json call:


We didn't receive any email from Groupon in the past announcing that XML version would be deprecated in October 1st 2014. In their forum, there is no announcement too. In their documentation, XML version is still listed. This is really frustrating.

With this change, we will no longer be able to import deals from Groupon in CMDealAggregator.

We have been working for a new version of CMDealAggregator, it is finished and we are writing the new documentation, a beta version was planned to be released in the next few days right after the documentation was finished. This new version has many new cool features:

  • Support GZ files. Now you can import deals from Affiliate Window and Zanox's GZ version.
  • Parsers are not used any more. You will not need to ask us to build new parsers for you or asking what parser to use any more.
  • Selecting XML elements without openning the XML file. You can select what XML tag to import right within Joomla's back-end.
  • Cron job file to run from server's command line interpreter.
  • and more...

However, because of this issue from Groupon, we would like to delay the release to investigate for an alternative way. The worst case is we force to use the JSON API. Because CMDealAggregator only supports XML, adding JSON support is a big change and requires more time to finish.

If you don't use Groupon and need the release please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you the release via email. You need to have an active subscription of CMDealAggregator, so if you are not a subscriber yet, please purchase for a subscription first.

We will try our best to solve this issue and release the new version as soon as possible.


CMExtension team