We would like to announce the first release of our small plugin - CMAvatar.

CM Avatar is a very simple Joomla! plugin which adds avatar (profile picture) field to Joomla! user profile.

As administrator you can configure

  • where avatar files are stored
  • maximum file size is allowed to upload
  • avatar width
  • what file extensions are allowed to upload

Avatar files are resized and convert to JPG image file, then are stored in your defined folder.

To display avatar on your website, you need add some PHP code to where you want to display avatar, please see the documentation for more info.

We saw many people requested this feature many times on the net, from Joomla! forum, mailing list, StackOveflow, ect... so we decided to develop a plugin for it. We hope this plugin is helpful and save people times in building Joomla website.

Download and source code: https://github.com/cmextension/cmavatar/

Documentation: http://cmavatar-docs.readthedocs.org/

Demo site is not available, please try the plugin by yourself to see how it works, you can check the documentation for some screenshots.