Vietnamese 2017 New Year's Eve will be on January 27. We will be pretty busy with preparing for celebration and visit our relatives as a tradition of our culture.

During these days, our support and replies to your forum posts, to your emails will be slow, however we will try our best to reply within 24 hours. So please be patient and please forgive us to this inconvenience! We will back to work on February 3.

Thank you very much for your support in the past year!

Hung Tran and Nguyen Trang

CMGiftCard - Joomla! component for selling gift card

CMExtension would like to announce the release of CM Gift Card 1.1.0 stable.

In this new release, CM Gift Card has the following changes:

  • Automatically select gift card design if there is only 1 gift card design available
  • Automatically select gift card amount if there is only 1 gift card amount available
  • Automatically select payment method if there is only 1 payment method available
  • Fixed missing translate strings for Edit and Remove button
  • Fixed hard-coded item name in PayPal plugin
  • Show list of purchased gift card designs on PayPal payment form instead of order number
  • Other minor improvements in source code

CMLiveDeal 1.10.2 Stable is released

CMLiveDeal 1.10.2 is released to fix a bug in merchant's website and social networks's URLs in front-end, the URLs are not accessible because of missing the colons. If you want to fix this bug without upgrading your CMLiveDeal to 1.10.2, please contact us for support.

Since CMLiveDeal 1.10.2, Italian translation is included in CMLiveDeal by default.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions for MLiveDeal 1.10.2.

CMK2Inline 1.3.1 is available for integration with K2 2.7.1

We release CMK2Inline 1.3.1 to add support for K2 2.7.1. There is no bug fixes or new features in this release, so update to this release is optional.

If you have any question for CMK2Inline 1.3.1, please don't hesitate to contact us!

CMLiveDeal 1.10.1 Stable is released

CMLiveDeal 1.10.1 is released to fix a small bug in CMLiveDeal Merchant Profile plugin of 1.10.0.

CMLiveDeal 1.10.0 introduced an option for using Google Maps with Google Maps API key, however, the key was not applied to the map in merchant profile form. CMLiveDeal 1.10.1 is released to fix this problem. There is no other changes in CMLiveDeal.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions for this release.