CMK2Inline 1.2.0 is available

CMExtension would like to release the version 1.2.0 of CMK2Inline!

This version adds an integration with Additional Categories for K2 plugin. K2 only allows us to assign item to 1 category, this plugin helps us assign item to more categories.

With this integration, you can manage the additional categories inline right in K2 item list.

You can download or find out more about Additional Categories for K2 here.

If you have any question for CMK2Inline 1.2.0, please don't hesitate to contact us!

CMLiveDeal 1.9.0 Stable is released

CMLiveDeal 1.9.0 is released to fix a critical bug and introduces a new feature.

In CMLiveDeal 1.8.2, we fixed some issues to make CMLiveDeal work with Falang, however it created unexpected bug in category module and city module. If we clicked on the item in the modules, we got SQL error "Table 'falang_content' doesn't exist" if Falang was not installed. This bug is fixed in 1.9.0, if you use Falang you will need to set "Falang integration" to "Enabled" in the component's configuration.

The new feature in CMLiveDeal is featured deal, you can set deals as "featured", display them on the top of deal list or add "featured" ribbon to its top right corner in deal list. You can find these options in under "Deal list" tab in configuration. You can set deals as featured in back-end's deal list and deal form.

Thank you for reporting the bug of Falang integration! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or find out any problems in CMLiveDeal 1.9.0.

CMLiveDeal 1.8.2 Stable is released

CMExtension is pleased to announce the release of CMLiveDeal 1.8.2 Stable.

This version provides some bug fixes and improvements:

  • In back-end's coupon form, user is not required any more, this gives you ability to create a manual coupon which are claimed by guests.
  • Fixed bug in search module.
  • Fixed wrong redeemed date bug in customer form in front-end.
  • Deal detail URL in merchant's deal list now uses deal detail menu item instead of using deal list menu item.
  • Fixed Javascript error when deal title had double quotes.
  • Fixed Falang incompatibility in category module and search module.
  • Fixed broken HTML layout in deal list.

New payment system

We received many questions and feature requests for a way to require customer to pay in order to receive coupon in CMLiveDeal. This feature is currently not availabe in CMLiveDeal because CMLiveDeal is used to provide free coupons, but we will change that. We will add a payment system to CMLiveDeal to allow site owner earns money from customers and merchants and also allow merchants to receive payments from customers.

Below is our plans to build this new payment system.

Schedule your post to social networks with CMSocialPost

CMExtension is pleased to announce the first release of CM Social Post!

CM Social Post is a Joomla! component helping you submit and schedule your posts to Facebook and Twitter from your Joomla!'s back-end.

With CM Social Post you can post to unlimited Facebook personal timelines, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts at the same time. You can also schedule your posts to post it in future (cron job required).

CM Social has integration with URL shortening service and Bitly to shorten your links before submitting to social networks. Google Analytics parameters can be appended to your links before being shortened, this give you ability to track your campaign's result for every social networks.

First of all we would like to thank you for all of your support! For more than half year, we have been working and didn't have a chance to turn off the computers and go somewhere. So we are going to take a trip with our family next week to stay together, enjoy the nature and forget about coding.

Our support will be slow from September 14th to September 17th. We still can answer your emails and support tickets, but only when we have internet.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will try our best to work on your inquiries and issues and trying our best to reply all your questions as fast as possible.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!

Hung Tran and Nguyen Trang